Friday, May 22, 2009

butterfly & another magical winged creature




Sue Welchman Blaine said...

This is a comment test! But, anyway, I love your photos. Just one question: As a blong experiment that has now gone on for a long time, did it do what you wanted it to do? What was that?

Otherside of the world said...

Hi Sue

Your test worked :)

In answer to your question, the idea behind the blog was to connect 2 friends' daily life experiences in two countries on "opposite" sides of the world, in pictures. And yes I would say we've done that! My 'day' job is to edit a travel blog and i spend a lot of time marketing that - there the aim is to get as much traffic as possible. For me, this blog is just a personal experiment and journey and I love doing it with Ruth - who I haven't seen in the flesh for many years.